Purchase Advertising Space Inside Shops and Increase Ad Campaign Effectiveness by up to 400%

SRR Marsala

Most Indians still visit retail stores and are likely to continue to visit them in the foreseeable future. Connect better with such consumers by integrating InStore Ads™ with your mainstream media ad campaigns. Studies indicate that this could increase your ad campaign effectiveness by up to 400%!

InStore Ads™ has contracted with store owners to place unique attention-grabbing Point-of-Sale signage inside thousands of high-traffic premium stores, supermarkets and “Modern Trade” outlets all over Indian cities, typically selling branded products such as packaged foods, goods found in medical and ayurvedic shops, soft drinks, wines and spirits, chocolates, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, designer jewelry,  leather goods, electronics, appliances, cutlery, crockery, stationery, luggage and so on.

Brand owners or advertising agencies can rent advertising space inside stores on such Point-of-Sale signage, dedicated to displaying only the brand owner’s products or services, and guaranteed to draw people's attention to the advertising message.

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These Attention-Grabbing Displays Have to be Seen to be Believed!

Photo from Retail Campaign

Customers visiting a store cannot help being drawn to this stunning display carrying your advertisement. It attracts far more attention than an LCD display, and is dedicated to your ad only.

The compelling nature of this unique display is simply amazing! We’ve included a photograph, but we know that it conveys next to nothing about the actual brilliance of the display. Words, or even photos, cannot express its elegance and attention-grabbing nature. The incredible graphics, the astonishing sharpness of the images and the scintillating qualities that draw the customer again and again to your product display have to be seen to be believed.

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Use This Powerful Advertising Medium to Bridge the “Retail Gap”

Advertising Campaigns

When used to display advertising in selected stores and supermarkets as part of an ad campaign, this signage acts like an advertising medium that bridges the “retail gap” between the target audience and  print, TV, radio, hoardings, outdoor, digital  or any other mainstream media. As mentioned, it could increase the effectiveness of a mainstream advertising campaign by up to 400%. Besides:

· Is extremely economical, yet highly effective even as a standalone advertising medium (ideal for small and medium brand owners)

· Has a much higher recall value than ads in mainstream media

· Has a highly localized effect so that you can conquer markets street-by-street

· Ensures proper product placement in stores carrying these displays, as well as store owner cooperation and immediate advertising performance feedback

· Is the only advertising medium where the product being advertised is available for immediate purchase to the shopper upon seeing the ad!

Bridge the "Retail Gap" and Boost Campaign Effectiveness

We Welcome Full Service and Media Ad Agency Partners.

As a brand new advertising medium that depends for our success on the brilliant advertising campaigns created by ad agencies and the client connections of media ad agencies, we are always looking for meaningful partnership with you, and offer you full protection and industry-standard commissions. In fact we would be happy to refer our direct brand owner clients to you if they need a full service advertising agency to plan their campaigns!

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Other Services

We also offer a whole range of retail-centric services and deployable signage that enhance your retail presence, allowing you to effectively target residents of specific localities at phenomenally low costs.

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Limited Time Offer: Display Your Ad for FREE Inside 10 Shops on These Unique Mini-Hoardings! 

In the month of May 2018 only we bring you an opportunity to advertise your products for FREE in 10 shops in Mumbai for a period of one month (a value of Rs. 18,000.00 or more, depending on the shop category and class), on these unique, elegant and attention-grabbing InStore Ads back-lit mini-hoardings.

This offer is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. Only five brand owners will qualify in May 2018 for this FREE offer.

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