Establishing Canadian Brands In India

At InStore Ads, we plan for your success by devising and carefully implementing various marketing strategies that place your brand at the forefront of the Indian market!

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Target Customers Who Are Already Shopping

InStore Ads works its magic on shoppers who are already inside or near shops. Launching products, raising brand awareness, increasing market penetration and many other campaign objectives can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of running a mainstream ad campaign!

Bridge The Retail Gap In Your Mainstream Advertising Campaign

InStore Ads can be designed to act like an advertising medium that bridges the retail gap between the target audience and print, TV, radio, OOH, as well as digital or other mainstream media. Additionally, it is extremely economical yet highly effective even as a standalone medium with a very high recall value. It is the only advertising medium where the brand being advertised is available for immediate purchase by the shopper on seeing the ads!

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Increase Ad Campaign Effectiveness By Over 400%

Connect better with shoppers by integrating InStore Ads with your mainstream media ad campaigns. Studies indicate that this could increase your ad campaign effectiveness by over 400%!

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Use Stealth To Launch Your Brand

Go for an incredibly soft launch by advertising through InStore Ads! Hit your competition before they even know what hit them!

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Build Brand Awareness Area-By-Area

Select your areas, shops, and advertising duration. This is an excellent option for low-budget campaigns that create loyal customers street-by-street!

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Short-Circuit The Competition

Break shoppers’ pre-conceived notions of brands they want to buy when they enter a store. Grab their attention through unique and elegant InStore Ads back-lit mini-hoardings that facilitate impulse-buying!

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Easily Place Your Brand In Shops Without Shopkeeper Resistance

Shopkeepers who contract with us agree to provide shelf space for your brand and are bound by your distributor’s terms and conditions. This results in guaranteed placement for your brand!

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