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At InStore Ads, we help you discover new areas of business growth and expand your business potential by acquiring a niche position in the consumer market of India. Set your marketing goals and trust our experts to help you achieve them in the best possible manner!

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Take Advantage Of This Huge Business Opportunity!

If you are a mid-sized or small manufacturer of branded consumer products, your business has the opportunity to achieve explosive growth by exporting to India! These products can be anything ranging from foods, drinks, wines, chocolates, cosmetics, herbals, proprietary medicines, designer and fashion items, electronics, appliances, or any other product.

Establish Your Brand In India Through InStore Ads

Establish your brand at a very affordable cost through InStore Ads in one the world's largest countries. India is one of the most powerful economies in the world and a thriving nation of 1.3 billion consumers. Most of these consumers are very young! Reaching out to the wealthiest 5% of India is like reaching out to twice the population of Canada . At InStore Ads, we will help you carefully select the market segments to quickly and efficiently establish your brand with millions and millions of Indians.

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About InStore Ads

InStore Ads is a division of Tuffsign Systems Pvt. Ltd., an almost wholly Canadian-held company
registered in Mumbai, India. We specialize in effective yet highly economical retail-based advertising
campaigns within India. Additionally, Tuffsign Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides full-service advertising and
marketing support to brand owners for establishing their brands across India. We sell advertising space
inside high-traffic shops all over India, and this forms the core of these retail-based advertising

First Steps For Establishing Canadian Brands In India

It is a big decision to market your products in India. The following steps will help you easily and successfully sell your products in India:

  • Acquire the necessary permissions, registrations, labelling, and other requirements to market your brand in India, especially if you are a food, herbal medicine, or cosmetic brand owner.

  • Set up logistics, such as shipping, clearing or forwarding, and physical distribution channels. Also, you would need to establish payment receipt methods and make customer service arrangements.

  • Register your trademark in India

  • Introduce your brand into India through a three-month, low-budget, and proof-of-concept project.

After successful execution, you can take a decision to expand at your own pace based on your financial strength. You can also plan an expansion by formulating a branding strategy, developing business, marketing plans, and inducting new finance into your business, if necessary.
At InStore Ads, we help you with all of the above steps. We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end turnkey services to take care of set-up pains and any risks that may be encountered.

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